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Dinosaur meat is the toughest meat there is. Everyone knows that...I mean dinosaurs were b.a.m.fs (bad-ass-mother-fuckers).

Dinosaur meat is a rare commodity sold on the black market.

Dinosaur meat may be a rare delicacy now-a-days but cavemen had tons. Cavemen struggled to eat it all the time.

Dinosaur meat can be compared to off brand beef jerky that you get from Wal-Mart for fifty cents cheaper...even though you know you should have gotten that Jack Links kind.
"Dinosaur meat is so tough that I chipped a tooth"

"This beef jerky is so hard I feel like a caveman eating dinosaur meat"

Guy#1: "Dinosaur meat sure would hit the spot right now"
Guy#2: "Too bad neither of us have dental insurance"

"This beef jerky is so tough that I feel like I just killed and jerkied a dinosaur"

Girl#1: "I might be high but (best way to start a sentance) ...I know what cavemen went through eating their dinosaur meat"

Girl#2: "What?! You're definitely high."
by JennR October 04, 2009
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