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Some dumb Jurassic Park fan club. They think the Earth is a Dinosaur, but they have a couple of loose screws in their head. They’re also huge assholes. They deny the truth that the Earth is a sandwich.
Dino Earther: YoU’rE mOM GaY! HAr hAr!
Mom: Stop being disrespectful, Jimmy, and clean your room. This Dinosaur Earth Society left him with two brain cells. I wouldn’t want my son to be one of the Alternative Earthers.
by Sandwich Earth Society June 28, 2018
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A sub-group of the Flat Earthers, they believe earth is shaped like a dinosaur. As the saying goes, a bunch of discord kids had a glass of beer and had a dream that the earth is shaped as a dinosaur.

Little did they know their drinks were laced with LSD and sleeping pills. 69 hours later, they founded a server named "Dinosaur Earth Society" which spreads the word of this earth shape.

Earth has since then morphed into the shape of a dinosaur.
Edgy Ellen: The earth is fuckin' flat, go to hell Dinosaur Earth society.

Woke Wendy: At least we don't hold annual Flat-Earthers convention in England. Flat earthers made the intelligence of mankind reduce by a 69 trillion.
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by OldChickFlame69 February 12, 2019
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