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A Dinoism takes any regular word and adds the prefix Dino- to it to turn it into a word that applies to the life and teachings of Dino Martin. Example: life + the prefix Dino= Dinolife.
The pallies over at ilovedinomartin like to speak to each other using Dinoisms like Dinolife, Dinoway, and Dinocool.
by kentsmokerguy November 26, 2006
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A religion in which people worship dinosaurs.

Their slave is called the "Cocksaur" also known as high school freshmen at Broadneck High School in Annapolis, MD, Kyle Sharpless.

I heard theres a new Dinoism Church down at Clifton Ave.

I also heard the Cocksaur will be there.
by J Allen June 02, 2007
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