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Dinner sknub is a slang term that is used only by the coolest of people.

Dinner sknub is used as a less offensive supplemental swear word that if you hear it said to you you know that they don’t mean what their saying.

Dinner sknub is also just thrown around at random sometimes to show a friendship bond.

The dinner part of dinner sknub comes from a YouTube video called backyardigans singing dinner YouTube poop.

The sknub part of dinner sknub comes from the common slang term skrub which misspelled and instead typed as sknub.

Dinner sknub started to gain interest in mid 2017 and started to die out at early 2018.
Woah that guy just went infront of me in line what a dinner sknub
by DjMcSwaggerton33 May 05, 2018
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