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The term used for when a dude pretends to be a chick online for the sake of sexual arousal, fantasy and gratification purposes. The dude then gets so caught up in his fantasy that he forgets he is a dude and sets up to meet the object of his online affection thereby creating a "Ding Dong Dude" situation.
Guy #1: These last couple weeks have been amazing! I can't wait to meet you in real life!

Guy #2 (pretending to be a girl): Oh my god! I know right?! I'm so excited! I just know we will have even more fun than we have online!

-2 weeks later-

Guy #3: Hey whatever happened to that hottie you were talking to online? I thought you drove out to meet her or something.

Guy #1: Yeah. I don't really wanna talk about it.

Guy #3: Dude, stop being a pussy! Was she a beast? Hideous? Did she Catfish ya?

Guy #1: No. It was a Ding Dong Dude kinda thing. Like...showed up to meet and it was like're a dude.

Guy #3: Whoa. My condolences man.
by sweet_melissa79 March 07, 2013
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