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An organization is milpitas high school that leads students into believing that they will learn how to use flash, and windows movie maker if they join.

While this is true, students will not learn the "cool" stuff until their second and third year. What happens in the first year, you ask? Students learn how to use the basic microsoft office tools, while their friends, who didn't join DBA, take a digital art class, and learn the advanced things before the digital business kids do.

If you join the DBA, you will be with the same teachers up until your senior year, unless you take AP classes. However, the DBA cannot seem to keep a math teacher. It's like math teachers are to DBA as Defense against the dark arts teachers are to hogwarts. Not very consistent. The math teachers also tend to be new, and don't always have their lesson plan together right away. If you were to join the DBA, I would advise getting into a different math class, right away, unless the teacher has been there for a year already.
But what about the friends that you can gain by having up to four classes a day with them, You ask?

Well, while this may be well and good, in your second year, chances are you'll just be seperated from your friends anyway. You'll still have the same teacher (unless your friend leaves the DBA, or takes an AP class), but you might have him/her for fourth period, while your friend has the teacher for third.

In senior year, students leave their academy english class, and go to a different one. Up to half of the history class will be dumped into another one, and your basic computer class will be replaced by a digital art (FINALLY) class. Keep in mind that this is your senior year, and a lot of students join the DBA because they want to use photoshop, flash, or they just want to design. (in other words, if that's what you want, just take a digital art class sophomore year, and use the rest of high school to perfect your technique)

Besides academics, the DBA also features mentors, adults in the workforce who volunteer to spend time with the students and take them on college tours, or to their office. There are also activities, field trips, and college tours offered. In order to pay for this, there are cookie dough sales. This is where the academy makes the most money as far as fund raising goes. However, the cookie dough fund raising (as well as other fund raising activities at this school) are notorious for not deliviering goods or products, and causing refunds, and headache, as well as unhappy customers.

In short, join the DBA, only if you're willing to sit through a year of learning microsoft office, followed by more microsoft office until your senior year, where you'll be split up from your friends, and (FINALLY) tossed into a digital art class.
This isn't to say that the digital business academy is ALL bad though. Colleges apparentlly like it on your record, the MS office skills will help you if you work in a cubicle for the rest of your life, and mentors can provide a very interesting experience. Plus, having the same teachers for three years can be rewarding...somehow...
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A club that has mutated into a raging monster gathering students and indoctrinating them on technology and how to obey the computer overlords. Is in Milpitas High School
Go Trojans, I mean All hail the Overlords. We love the DBA
by UnknownStudent February 02, 2004
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a cult that high school teachers founded that taught students how to get into the matrix....(what is the matrix?)
ummm...The Digital Business Academy owns you!!!!(i was just kidding)
by rAvYn April 17, 2004
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noun.A bunch of students that unfortunately spend more than 50% of their classes together while at the same time learning about gay computers!! A bunch of frakin weirdos if you ask me!
by la loca April 20, 2004
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