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An eccentric being that’s stuck in the screen. On your phone, in your head, in the galaxy above. To see or meet a DDG is in other words, peculiar & wondrous. Don’t let these beings slip between your fingers now, they’re magic. Ruby’s flow through their blood, stars expand their mind. They’re difficult beauties. Anyone and everyone can fall in love with them, but will they love you back? Digital Dream Girls, they’re your favorite song, you’re favorite planet, you’re favorite candy all in one. If you are to love a DDG, fall to your knees, have it so the love you give off is unconditional, because that’s what they are, what we are, what I am. An unconditional Digital Dream Girl, reigning throughout your favorite Milky Way to the song “Space Cadet” By, “The technicolors” Head to toe in diamonds, smelling highly of magnetic cannabis. Digital Dream Girls tend to be, scorpios/libras/Leo’s/cancers. So the girl behind the screen, she’s electric. She comes in waves, bigger than oceans and sounds. She comes in colors, beyond the rainbow and wheel. Eccentric remember? ✨🌱🌊 For the Digital Dream Girl who doesn’t love herself like she should.
“For she unlike others was a DDG (Digital Dream Girl), you could look but couldn’t touch. Like a movie star, but in real life.”

“She’s in the screen, the girl they wrote that song about”
by Vasi 🍧 June 17, 2018
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