Kind of like steam punk, but with internal combustion. Streamlined and chrome.
I love the imagery in the first Burton Batman movie, its so diesel punk.
by soultan April 01, 2009
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Trustafarian types who spend hundreds of dollars on Diesel Jeans, $100 shoes, $75 haircuts, yet pretend to be punk, hardcore, whatever, merely paying lip service to the ideals behind the actual punk community. Can also be filed under hipster.

Generally a waste of time and space.

Known to like fake emo bands as can be seen on Fuse TV, or whatever else is hot this week.

No actual connection to the punk subculture.
Damian is such a diesel punk - he's just spent $40 to see that goddamn faker Dashboard Confessional.
by brokepunkkid August 11, 2006
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