Another way of saying "retard" or "you're stupid". It's usually said in a deep "stupid voice"
Boris: I just walked into a door!
Doloris: You're such a di di di!
by Doloris July 3, 2007
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a bad case of diarreha noun
Little Johnny had a bad case of DI DI last night and sprayed the toilet
by Jimmy123456 May 8, 2006
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1. Elongated form of the phrase "dis."
2. Taken from "Was that a dis? Yes, in fact, I do believe it was."
Frank: You know who else is good?
Evan: Who?
Frank: Your mom.
Mekko: Ooooh dis? dis.
by Trevi October 23, 2003
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1. she dised u so fuckin bad u turned red
2.dis shit is fo sheezy
by Jennifer June 14, 2004
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:: when the bartender pours 8 shots of patron::

dis is dis

:: when you step in dog shiii ::

“Dis is not dis”
by Patronaiiir May 25, 2019
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Commonly used on forums, *dies* indicates the act of dying in a virtual environment. Note: Whoever said it isn't really dead. I'm a cunt
The Reverand: *dies*
by The Reverand May 26, 2004
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