Used when somebody says something stupid to show disapproval.
Can I tear the paper?
Your mom tore the paper!
Die now.
by D1EN0M1T3 March 15, 2009
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“I can die happy” is a response to “the moon is beautiful, Isn’t it?” ( the moon is beautiful, isn’t means is apparently a Japanese Quote of saying I love you)
B - The moon is beautiful isn’t it?
G - I can die happy now
by sourbvn May 09, 2021
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Phase used mostly for telling (Or show respect) to someone he has done such good things in life that deserves dying with dignity.
"Marc you are such a jerk"
-I don't care man, Now die, with dignity.

"Hey man you are such an idiot!"
- Go die with dignity.

"You are gonna die with dignity man"
by PalomonCP March 07, 2017
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