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Die L’s is a slang term used by various criminals, but mostly gang members. The ‘L’ in the term can mean various things depending on who’s throwing it; it can mean love, life, loyalty, etc. Again that meaning will vary, but the overall meaning is the same, if you say die Ls for (x), it means (x) is an enemy or someone/something of that nature. People can say Die L’s for people, cities, gangs etc.
Die L for all my niggas.

Die L's for Lamron, RIP JoJo.
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by SlockerCocker May 11, 2018
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Acronym, stands for do I even Lift? Mostly seen on 4chan's /fit forum on rate me threads.
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"Look at my hideous body and 10 inch arms, DIEL?
by IAmThatIz October 24, 2012
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