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Punk rock/pop-punk band from Germany. They modestly refer to themselves as die bäste Band der Welt (the bäst band in the world), and along with Die Toten Hosen, they're one the most succesful german Punk bands.

They've been around since the early 80s. Their lyrics try to get a smile from the listener, if they can understand them. Their members are Farin Urlaub (vocal, guitar), Bela B (drums, vocals) and Rodrigo Gonzalez (Bass, keyboard). While Rod is not officially a vocalist, he sings some songs himself.

They managed to get some songs censored by the German government because they were harmful for kids. Their workaround was to play the music alone in concerts and ask sarcastically to their audience not to sing it. One of their songs, Geschwisterliebe, is still banned in Germany. However, another song of them about the chancellor Helmut Kohl hitting his wife wasn't.

They also had a music video starring Lara Croft.
I want to listen to Die Ärzte but they have 13 albums. Where do I start?
by Chris Labba February 21, 2017
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