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1)A form of playing with the anatomy of a vagina that arouses sensual and sexual feelings and pleasures.
2)What a guy wants to do when he reaches his hands down your draws.
3)Redneckology for fingering or dick teasing a pussy.
1)"So I took her home and diddled her pooter but I didn't make it to home plate."
2)"Girl you know that brother only wants to diddle the pooter"
3)"Dang, there's only one thing that look on a woman could mean.... He diddled the pooter and turned out to be a one-pump chump."
by Bird Dog December 10, 2006
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the act of inserting a finger(s) into a male or female butt hole
im telling you dude you need to go over there and diddle the pooter, she will love you forever
by kidnamedkain February 20, 2011
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