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"Did ye, aye?"

A very common and important phrase among Scottish lingo, word for word translates as "did you, yes?"

"Did ye aye" is an extremely condescending phrase used to shut down the person you're talking to if you think they're speaking shite. Can be used to convey that you think someone's telling lies, being a twat, being pretentious or simply to tell someone to fuck off. A very useful and versatile phrase.
"While on holiday in the Maldives last summer, I really think I discovered a new part of myself and my soul"

"Did ye aye?"

"Tore past 4 defenders all by myself, hit it inside of my left foot and curled it past the near post. 25 yards easily."

"Aw did ye aye?"

"Found a £20 note on the ground last week but I just immediately gave it to a homeless man. Makes you feel good knowing that you're doing good yourself for the world."

"Did ye mate. Did ye aye."

"Met Bruce Willis down the pub last week so I did. Well, his agent. His agent's mate to be honest. Said I can play golf with the big man next week!"

"Did he aye? Did he fuck."

"Got a new BMW M5 last week, didn't bother negotiating to be honest, I earn enough that it wasn't worth my time."

"Did ye aye..."
by areteees September 16, 2018
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