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When someone tells you something totally irrelevant to the conversation. Also one of the meanings for the acronym ask.
*Talking about new appartment*
Person 1: "Did you know that the stork is the national animal of Denmark?"
Person 2 : "Umm, did i ask?"
by ExfiT May 09, 2016
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A thing said by mostly middle schooler's that basically is a slang way of saying "why'd you tell me that, i didn't need to know that." but in more of a rude way
"Hey guess what i did? I went to a beach!! Yeah!!" Jamie said. Ron looked Jamie right in the eyes and said, "DID I ASK!!"
by H@B June 06, 2017
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"Did I ask?". Usually said when someone says "No" after you tell them to do something.
(e.g. "Let's go swimming" "No Thanks" "Did I ask?")
by J Diane Riley December 04, 2006
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