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Dickie Durbin.

1) An untrustworthy US Senator from Illinois.

2) An untrustworthy condom
I was two knuckles deep in this chick when she said, “We will no longer surrender our country to the false song of globalism”. That’s when I knew that I was going balls deep. So I grab my “Dicky Durbin”, slap it on, and dive in. I’m trying to knock the back wall out and she yells “They’re turning the frickin frogs gay” and it was like millions of lives screamed out and were suddenly silenced. I was literally shaking. To my horror I found out my “Dickie Durbin” busted shortly before I did. She then tells me that “You knew Dickie blew DACA” and “You can’t trust Dickie Durbin”. But she was a trooper . She flipped over and told me to throw it in her “Haiti”
by Willyfisterbottom January 17, 2018
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