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This is German for a 'fat woman', or as they define themselves in singles ads: BBW. In actuality they are frequently fat, stinky bimbo's with psychological problems, with resulting physical conditions. They will describe themselves as HWP (height & weight proportionate) and put only a head shot photo in their ad and/or an old photo of themselves when they were 200 lbs lighter. It also refers to many many women who've reached the age of 40 and beyond and use their age as an excuse to blimp out and adapt the philosophy of: 'If he loves me, he'll take me the way I am'. Many of these same women also still believe they're entitled to a rich, handsome, fit, educated 'Dancing With the Stars' type of guy and hate slender women. If a guy is into fat women, he's in hog heaven with respect to their numbers and has little competition.
Die andere Nacht auf das elende singles club, alle Ich traf, war eine dicke frau. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen jeder guy je ist, dass horney. TRANSLATION: The other night at that miserable singles club, all I met was a fat woman. I can't imagine any guy ever being that horney.
by Big Ed Moustapha October 20, 2010
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