One whose social presence gives everyone around them an uncomfortable and painful feeling similar a dick in their ass.
"Man, Brian is such a dickass, he's rude and inconsiderate to everyone he knows. Having him around is about as bad as getting a dick in the ass. We shouldn't hang out with him anymore."
by Thrash Zoo March 29, 2009
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Dickass is an Angerism for when you can't decide whether to call someone a dick or an ass.
Mr. Pinchy gave me no pet!!! What a dickass!
by Angercrank February 5, 2009
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Someone who's a Dick and an Ass at the same time.
Rick: Bob, you're a Dickass.
Bob: Oh, okay
by FL4ym3Burn June 30, 2016
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An insensitive, hard headed person whom gets off on giving another person or other people a hard time by annoying them with foolishness that's quite aggravating.
That dickass train conductor better stop site-seeing because I am about to be late for work!
by ShaSha13 April 10, 2017
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Someone who in fact, gets penis in the ass. Either a homosexual or a very loose woman, who is too loose to have a penis in her vagina.
Shain: Hey dickass, get to the back of the bus.
Dickass: I'm sorry for being a homosexual, please shoot me oh mighty straight man.
by Shain November 22, 2004
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1. An individual that likes being an asshole.
2. An asshole that enjoys causing grief for others.
3. Everyone is an asshole sometimes but only a dick enjoys being an asshole.
I don't know why you let that dickass bother you; he looks for ways to be an asshole.
by Urban Tourist June 21, 2014
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The type of guy who's DNA didn't just give him a dick, but made him the dick.
Elliott is such a dickass, I can't even deal with him rn.
by leapclcyear March 13, 2017
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