Slang for an insult which indicates said person has a paper thin penis, causing a sharp whistling noise as they walk by.
That sounded terrible, austin needs to tune that dick whistle to a b flat
by Faggalicious 2 January 19, 2011
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A sexual act wherein a male, mustering all ostentatious seriousness, informs his partner that his member emits a faint whistle just prior to ejaculation. Upon nearing climax following oral sex, the male earnestly convinces the female to place her ear next to his throbbing member in order to confirm the occurrence of aforementioned whistling, whereupon he deposits his ejaculation straight into the ear of the female.
--- Dick Whistling ---

James - "Oh babe... that's fantastic... Sally, listen, it's about to whistle! Hurry, listen!"

Sally - "I don't hear anyth... What. The. Fuck."

James - "Whoopsie doodles."
by Arble August 15, 2009
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A male or female preferably a male who blows on dicks as if it were a whistle. It is commonly used to make fun of others by saying they blow dicks.
by Delusional State January 19, 2008
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A noise that comes from the air of a queef or a fart travelling over the veins of a man's erect penis during sexual intercourse. Every man has a different dickwhistle because every man has veins in different places and of different sizes.
Billy's dick whistle is short and high-pitched because he has a small and not very veiny penis.

Jamal's dick whistle is long and triumphant, like a trombone.
by TheManColin November 6, 2009
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Dick whistling is a term quite used in eastren/south-eastren Europe. It actually comes from "Dick whistler" which represents a guy who is usually saying random bullshit that in most situations makes no sense or he is saying something unbeliveable just to prank or make people laugh. Some of them are hc to the bone. They talk bullshit all the time its a part of their lives, like politicians.
You can say that they are dick whistling or whistling to a dick.
A: Omg i saw Ben Shapiro throwing shit at Britney Spears on the middle of the street!
B: The fuck you sayin' bro?
A: idk man, just dick whistling
by alt.g0d May 3, 2019
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What my uncle Bill called males as a passing friendly redneck nickname. Not meant to be insulting.
Hey whistle dick, long time no see, how you been?
Hey whistle dick, how's your folks doin these days?
Come here whistle dick, and give me a hand with this tire.
Thanks whistle dick, I couldn't've done it without you.
by DLE April 10, 2006
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