A person who praises accomplishments of others around them without themselves really accomplishing anything meaningful at all.
1. “My neighbor has a nicer car than you”
2. “My sibling has a degree worth more than yours” (when it’s the same damn degree”)
3. “I have a buddy that has a better grill” Dick Rider
by Richard Cranium12 July 06, 2019
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Someone who rides dick all the time
Clara Webb is a dick rider because she always rides Coles 1/2 inch dick.
by Chaw bubber June 18, 2019
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Someone who literally won't get off your dick and mind their own business. They live just to ride your dick.
1. Sarah is so fuckin nosy, she's being a dick rider
2. Stop being a dick rider and fuck off, John.
by sarahmourz October 21, 2020
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