1. A homosexual male who prefers penises.
2. A person who is annoying and won't leave you alone.
1. Wow, that faggot is such a dickrider.
2. Shut up, damn, you are such a dickrider.
by squeegizzle March 02, 2005
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Someone who always sucks up to a person, to a boss or enforcer
This bitch is such a (DickRider) always sucking up to the manager
by Yung-Mych July 17, 2019
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A dick rider is a person who is usually and overzealous mindless fan of anyone(be it a rapper, singer, athlete, music genre, band, or any given thing). A dick rider see's no flaw in whatever they are dick riding at the time, and if you happen to offer an opinion or simply not like whatever a dick rider likes, the dick rider will consider your a "hater" for offering your opinion.
Did yall see that catch? He has to be the greastest of all time...carl that was one catch....1 great catch! Stop hating!....you a super dick rider
by Somerandomguy7 February 01, 2015
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you always wanna nakir(dickride)
don't be such a nakir (dickrider)
by tati brown July 21, 2018
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a person who is constantly chasing after another person who only cares about themselves, and is there for clout, even when they’re irrelevant and worthless. Then dickriding makes them look desperate and ruins their reputation bc they are a follower
“Look Mary’s being a dickrider again” “Jessica laughs at whatever he says when it’s not funny, she’s such a dickrider”
by Chrysanthemum January 12, 2019
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