A girl who is always on a dick when she has the chance. A slut who lives a dick up her pussy.
That girl is such a dickrider, not once has she talked to me without mentioning the A1 Dick she always gets.
by blackdudewholoveswhitegirls December 13, 2017
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one who uses the male penis of another as a mode of transportation willfully to gain social or financial status with no regard of self itegrity or how they are percieved by others.
by bigfrigin hans May 08, 2004
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N. The polar opposite of a hater. someone who will praise their favorite band/artist/actor/athlete as if they were Jesus of Nazareth, and take any criticism of that person as a personal insult.
Guy 1: Dude Lil Wayne is really overrated. he's not deep at all, and knows no other topics other than guns, weed, and sex.


Guy 1: Ill stop hating when you stop being a dickrider.
by young enigma December 11, 2009
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Dick rider (adj)- One who is immensely devoted to multiple aspects of a certain topic not for the love of the game but purely for their own self gratifying needs.
Ex: jonathan you are a dick rider.

syn: pine rider, band wagon, wave hopper, etc.
by Jaymontana23 February 26, 2016
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A dick rider is slang that came from NJ. It means a person who always annoy someone or aggravates them. They would constantly bother you with something until they make you mad about it. Most of the time they do this to get attention from you or everyone else. They could be the person that annoys you the most. A group of people could also be dick riders.
Example: He's such a dick rider.

Example 2: This school always dick riding. ("This school" meaning the teachers or the school in general.)
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by urban.shxt December 05, 2018
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someone esp. a male who is always on another male dick. always talking about that guy, bringing up his name.
person 1: yo did u see what sam had on today, that fool was tacky as hell

person 2: man why u always on that man case, stop being a dick rider
by sonfa October 01, 2008
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