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Nickname for professional baseball pitcher Rich Hill.
"We got Dick Mountain starting tomorrow... and he's been great." -Max Muncy
by Darth Ramious October 27, 2018
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The perforation that appears in a man's pants in the region of his genitals while in the act of sitting down that appears to be the visual representation of an erect penis concealed by clothing, but is in fact an optical illusion created by the folding and shifting material of imperfectly fitting clothing.
Mandi: Hey babe, let's sit down and watch a movie.
Chad: Okay!
Mandi: You seriously have an erection already!?!
Chad: nah babe, it's just dick mountain. I gotta get a new pair of slacks.
by The Romantic Egotist April 11, 2011
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Something the YouTuber LazerBeam consistently does in games that slow him to build.
by Canadian Cutie February 06, 2019
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