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When a desperate man proceedes to have sexual intercourse with a snowman or snowwoman. His dick becomes frosted and numb to lose feeling and even pleasure.
Rodger:"yo dave did u hear about Eric?"
Dave:" What that the poor ugly basterd cant get any poon"
Rodger:"besides that since he was too poor to buy a sex doll he enter the back door of little jacobs frosty snowman last night, now he has some dick frost.
Dave: WTF! he shoulda just waited for the mud puddle.
by Dike Mink March 30, 2008
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Similar to docking, however after you have successfully docked, one member (or both members) of the party blows his load into the other's penis and thus an outward explosion and wetmess forms resembling a snowcone.... and Boom.... Dickfrost or also known as a frosty freeze.
After Matt and Eddie began docking, they got dickfrost and were unable to piss for days.
by Ti.Fi.33 March 21, 2010
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