when you eat someones ass out and they have diabetes
yeah i totally do-nutted when i found out she had diabetes. i gave her a diabetic donut
by mushroomlady March 17, 2023
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Fat people with resting bitch face who need snacks for their low blood sugar
You could tell she had diabetes rage by the look on her face and the hunger in her eyes.
by Hyperheidi21 December 14, 2014
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Something on the original taco bell 5$ menu that makes you shit bricks.
"I had to be on the toliet for two hours after eating that diabetes burrito"
by SwampyAsser July 22, 2018
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AKA (Halloween) Diabetes Proliferation Day (DPD) is the catalyst of a week long candy binge that is engaged in primarily by children. It is encouraged by parents, neighbors, and even teachers; going so far as to bribe children with candy around this time. This day also involves dressing up in costume, but this element is not as important as the fact that kids will consume enough sugar to keep them up for days.
I made out real well this Diabetes Proliferation Day. Not only did I pocket at least 30 kit kats, milky ways and smarties a piece, but my blood sugar level hit an all time high!
by Honest Earnest October 12, 2011
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It's a disease with People who are excessively addicted to Social Networking Service (SNS) or who get sick without SNS.
I was diagnosed with Social-diabetes, after telling my doctor that I'm on SNS for 24/7.
by February 10, 2021
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When something looks so sweet, that you get sick from looking at it for too long.
"Stop posting those cute kitten pics or I might catch visual diabetes and eye insulin is fucking expensive, man!"
by El Nauto April 11, 2022
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A kid normally from denmark. He is fat divorced man who like to exercises. When the sun goes down he becomes a "super anti feminist" and goes around around the city at night and tell all the people that "women's rights" doesn't exist.
that nigga over there looks like a "Diabetes Kid from Denmark"
by 흑인 가정 April 11, 2018
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