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Dex Slave is short for Debt Sex Slave.

Women who have a considerable amount of debt but will try to move in with you while not contributing to rent and/or mortgage in return for sexual favors.

Also see 2 to a room on Craigs List. 40% are female communications major and hella debt slaves from a major university. They use sex because they can't pay the rent.

Also known as Goddesses if you are a Winner (make over $250,000 a year)!
Dex Slave: I saw your add on Craigs list that you need a roommate. I don't have any money but perhaps we can work something out.

Single dude with a stable job: Why can't you pay rent and why would I let you live here for free?

Dex Slave: I can live two to a room ;) until I pay off my $33,000 in student loans. I work 15hrs (or no hours) a week as a waitress and spend my money on clothes and make up. Moving back in with my parents would make me a looser. Can I be your Dex Slave?

Single dude with a stable job: Send pics on my old AOL account that I use for SPAM and slutty pictures. Let me see the goods.

Dex Slave: I hope you like me. Be sure to use the leverage of living in a house to force me to make pornos. Those images can't be erased.

Single dude with a stable job: You bet!
by KRS-3 October 25, 2011
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