a place where women spray beer over their face before smashing the container on their head before attempting to drop in from a rooftop onto a porch eve. necessary background; kid flipping the middle finger and a pig giving no fucks
sally is the epicenter of destination fucked
by isawred November 29, 2018
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A woman smashes herself with beercans on top of a roof, tries to be Tony Hawk, fails, passes out, a kid gives her the finger, meanwhile there's a fire going on and there's also a fat pig
She got a one-way ticket to destination fucked after messing that up horribly
by SupremeDelta November 29, 2018
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When a drunk sheila thinks shes bloody tony hawk and eats shit meanwhile a little shit cuntof a son gives her the finger and in the corner theres a obese pig next to a fire ... That is destination fucked
I was fucking around and the roof and took a hard right to destination fucked
by ice10cream1 November 29, 2018
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There's a sheyla drinking beer and hitting herself on the head with the empty can. She tries to be Tony Hawk and she fails hard, falling multiple times along the roof of the house. She lays there for a while, alive, but probably hurting. There's also a kid, who's giving her the finger (it's probably her disrespectful son). To the right there's a fire annnd... THERE'S A FAT PIG!
"If someone could write about this being the new definition of destination fucked on Urban Dictionary, that would be great!"
by __baka_ November 30, 2018
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