When you drink beer then hit yourself with the can, fall off a skateboard onto your roof while a kid flips you off, a fire is to the right, and a fat pig is walking around.
by Siraco November 29, 2018
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A drunken woman who attempts to skateboard off the roof of a shack, whilst a young boy gives her the finger before the cameraman switches angles to a pig.
I reckoned we'd both be put in Ozzyman's Destination Fucked Compilation Volume 7 if we got drunk and tried to skateboard.
by White Ranga November 30, 2018
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When you see the following course of action :-

Sheila drinks beer on a roof and then tries to do a tony hawk skateboard trick but instantly fails and get flipped off by a 9 year old while the nearby pig enjoys the action chilling near a warm fire.
You have reached your destination, Destination Fucked.
by AL Assassin November 29, 2018
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When your on a roof drinking beer being a dickhead, than you try be Tony Hawk only to fall on ass, while a little fuck gives you the finger, a fire to your right and a fat pig just being a pig in the background.
by i just wanted 2 November 30, 2018
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1: The Sheila was drinking beer and tried to be Tony Hawk. She sent herself to Destination Fucked.
by VixenWolf November 30, 2018
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Basically it’s what happened when a female is on a roof, starts chugging a beer but half way through start htting it’s herself in the chest with the beer and gets it all over, then tried to be cool and go off the roof on a shake board but trips off of it instead and then falls onto the lower level roof and then lays their as a kid flips her off and then you see a big fat pig.
Gone off trail into the jungle while in a tire? Ever hit your cruise boat into a huge crane? Maybe a huge ass wave from the ocean knocked you done. Well you, my dear friend, have then reacted destination fucked.
by Jaclyn101COOL May 28, 2019
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When shit gets way fucked.

For instance, let's say there's a woman, or a Sheila, if you will, standing on top of a house. There she is, punching herself in the face for reason and swigging booze. Then, in an attempt to be the next Tony Hawk or some shit, she steps on to a skateboard, but instead of being the next Tony Hawk she stumbles off it, falls on her arse, does a barrel roll onto a lower part on the house and lies flat on her back. Then, some rando kid pulls the middle finger at her for being such a shitty skater, and then the camera pans right to a house fire and a pig. Now that's destination fucked if I've ever seen it.
There's this overweight man trying to dive into a swimming pool off the top of an unstable ladder that's also being supported by skinny children. He jumps off the ladder and into the pool, but not before bouncing off some concrete. Classic case of Destination Fucked.
by Squidris Elba July 5, 2020
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