This girl is that one girl, who is "pretty" but honestly isn't. She tried. She will always be the friend of the one girl who never fit in. She is ALWAYS going around dating boy #1, then girl #4, then some random ass dude, then back to Boy #1 and back to girl #4, every guy she can find has to be that desperate to date her. They complain about how he broke up on the day of their one month, but were never dating or something. STAY AWAY from these. More names can vary.
They will call or text you until you reply or answer, if you do answer her text or call, she's just talking to you because she's bored. She hangs out with other people, talking trash about people, but when they say things about her, it's the beginning of world war two. Careful, those girls can be dangerous.
Person A: "Oh, that girl is dating him again? big deal. It's the third time this month."
Person B: "No, seventh."
Person A: "O-Oh. I see."
Person B: "You realize she's desperate, right?"
Person A: "Well, it's the seventh time this month so hell yeah she's desperate."
Desperate girls date anyone they can.
by Aesthetic babe December 24, 2019
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A guy who will go from girl to girl and not even care. He will say he loves her a lot and make her feel happy then he blows her off and says he likes a another girl, and sometimes he will go back to the same girl. And girls are all he cares about! Also when he's not dating anyone he will find a way to date someone by telling them he loves them and making them feel happy! Then they will date and he'll break up with them like right after! So ladies if someone says they love you and then you start noticing that there not talking to you as much or their kinda ignoring you just save your self the trouble and dump them because no one should ever have to go through that!!! Leave those dumb girl desperate lovers alone!!!
An example of this

Guy- "I love her so much"
* About a week later*
Guy- "nah she's way cuter"

Girl desperate "guys only caring about girls and that's it"
by A girl who's went through this January 19, 2016
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