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The fear that always creeps into your mind while sitting in the lobby of the dentist's office, even though you know it's just the dentist and you're being stupid and panicking about nothing. Many people try to calm this syndrome by reading one of the magazines or books in the lobby, but usually this just makes things worse.
(In the Dentist's Office)
Bob: (reaches for lobby magazine and starts reading)
Tracy: Gosh Bob, I've never seen someone look so nervous reading a magazine before! What's wrong?
Bob: Uhhhh it's nothing, really.
Tracy: Bob, don't tell me you still have Dentist's Office Fear Syndrome!! I thought you were over that years ago!!
Bob: Ahhh stop it!! I can't control it!!(Breaks out in hysterical crying)
by Dr. Philbern June 27, 2011
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