Hey man, I think that bum is dropping a Dennys on the side of your house.
by lubbmarvin October 07, 2010
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He is GAY, he’s a no life Virgin, he liked descendants and transformers. He is 16 but acts 10, Glizzy Gladiator, Lowkey has a huge penis
Guy - “Look It’s denny, maybe he has a transformer outside”
Girl- “He has a transformer in his pants that’s for sure”

Guy-“ Wait actually, Lemme see that”
by Autobotscout August 18, 2020
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The Denny's. The home of The Brownie. The only place to purchase the finest quality dessert ever.
Newbie: This whole "Brownie" thing is dumb, I can't finish it.

Broom: Thats it. Just leave the table. Now.

by Hector Projector April 08, 2003
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a slang word for marijuana used so as not to attract attention from authority figures.
Hey man lets go to dennys after the dance.
by Ellimem December 27, 2006
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Denny is a retard on a very high level of tardos. He is full of drama with girls. They think they are performers but clearly not. They try to stand out to make up for impotence.
Dint be a Denny no one cares
by Blacktoplegend August 02, 2018
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when one experiences a sudden erection
Man, I looked at that girl and got a total denny right now.
by manatee18 August 05, 2011
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