Hillbilly, white bread, chicken humpin cracker, suffering from 10 days of funky sack, hygiene is for shit, doesn't bathe and wears the same clothes for a week. Smells like a moldy jack rag. He's also fighting a loosing battle against beard dandruff, which during breakfast, can leave "snow" in my sweet sweet syrup. Chain smoking to the point that he reeks of fumunda cheese and ashes. A work out consists of eating a fun size bag of m&m's, and after only 2 he's in need of mouth to mouth, but is only worthy of ass to mouth.
That nasty mother fucka, needs to go home and engage in some pit and taint scrubbery, change them funky drawers, and pop a tic tac, just being near him makes my eyes water and burns my nose hair, smelling like a week of rotten back ass, what a dennis.
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The invisible duck that follows people around spontaneously making quacks that miraculously sound like farts.
.....fart.... "Hey did you hear Dennis? Where is that little bugger?"
by idonteatenoughpies December 03, 2013
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A really sweet boy who works hard for the girl he likes.
Doesn't always chooses the best of friends. He isn't always the best friend that he can be.
Nicest boy you'll ever meet.
You are amazing Dennis, but you chose the wrong girl.
by Awesome_One_ April 10, 2015
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The most amazing man I have ever met. Dennis is thoughtful and caring. He will be there for you no matter what or where you are or when you need him. He has a HUGE heart ( not to mention other parts) and he is highly intelligent.

Dennis is extremely attractive and has the most beautiful eyes. He also has the best hair. He exudes sexiness and you can't keep your hands off of him.

He is multi-talented and can do anything from build a car from the ground up or paint your toe nails. He will be your best friend if you show him respect and loyalty. But if you get on his bad side you better watch out because he will roundhouse your ass.

To put it short if you ever meet Dennis you will be in the presence of awesomeness. I know because I am lucky enough to be the one who gets to share that awesome as everyday for the rest of my life. I love you Dennis.
by Pandagurl83 June 16, 2017
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The best creeper you will ever have, if you're lucky enough. Dennis is the perfect excuse for getting those ghetto/redneck/weirdo creepers off of you. He is a chill person, easy to talk to, and has an addictive personality. He has great luck and hosts the best Dr. Pepper parties. He's someone you're going to want to stick with because of the way he is. You may see him around for years and then when you finally get to know him you'll wonder why you let yourself miss out on this for so long.

Warning: texting him he will keep you up past your bedtime because it's just that enjoyable.
Also, do not be mean to him or else he will send an evil geometry teacher after you.
Dennis is awesome.

Sorry boys, I only have room in my life for one creeper, and that's Dennis.
by your favorite creeper April 24, 2011
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Calm under pressure, self-assured, all-knowing, all-seeing, seeker of wisdom and truth, a Dennis stands out in any gathering--not through loud, attention-grabbing tactics, but rather through an animated glow that is unmistakable. All living things love a Dennis because they sense a communal, loving nature. Even trees lean towards a Dennis that is in their presence. In short, a Dennis is an invaluable, yet humble presence that should be quietly worshipped.
It was just another ordinary day, that is until a Dennis showed up!
by DaMenke August 12, 2013
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