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The denial boyfriend is a guy who is your boyfriend although he publicly denies it. This guy will meet your parents, buy you roses, have sex with you exclusively and spend most of his time with you cuddling but when it comes to his boys he introduces you as his "friend".
The reasons are any one of the following:
1) You are unattractive or not cool and he doesnt want to admit he is with you.
2) He is trying to keep the door open in case something better comes along.
3) He wants to be free to try internet dating.
4) He is noncommittal
5) You are so amazing he is intimidated.

Warning ladies: If you go along with this for longer than 6 months well good luck to ya this guy will never commit and continue stringing you along...he might be really sweet to you in private when no one is looking.
George made me dinner for Valentines Day, he is my denial boyfriend"
by smart grrrl April 20, 2005
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