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An anti-capitalist political ideology advocating for socially owned economy (socialism).

Frequently mistaken for social democracy which advocates for economic and social justice but is not anti-capitalist.
Bernie Sanders DOES NOT advocate for democratic socialism, he's a social democrat.
by restinpiece August 28, 2020
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A "Big Tent" definition of Democratic Socialism, that includes Bernie Sanders, AOC, me, and maybe you:

A democratic process of defining, shaping, and implementing shared agreements to ensure that (A) The essential needs of every individual and community are met*, (B) Every individual/organization does and gives their fair share in support of healthy, safe, and functioning communities, and (C) Every individual/organization/community/nation considers their impact on their neighbors, resources, and planet.

A participatory, non-exploitative, and regenerative system of economics that supports individual, community, and planetary well-being.

*Essential Needs: Housing, water, food, safety, health care (including physical, mental, and dental health), education/childcare, transportation, communications, banking, and retirement/disability income.
Democratic Socialism empowers the democratic majority to end the exploitative, unsustainable, and non-regenerative behaviors of individuals, organizations, and governments in support of individual, community, and planetary well-being.
by Bay Area Person February 18, 2019
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