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Demi Lesbian is when someone is demisexual and a lesbian. A girl who doesn't experience sexual attraction to another girl unless they form a strong emotional connection with her.
Him: I'd do her. Would you do her?

Her: She's beautiful but I'd need to get to know them before I'd even consider that. I'm a demi lesbian.

Him: Oh yeah, you need an emotional bond.
by Tazyy May 09, 2017
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A female who enjoys the invigorating balance Kati Kati males and females. An equal opportunist of emotions and love for all genders and sexes.
Person 1: I heard Lina's bisexual?
Person 2: No, she is demi-lesbian.
Person 1: What's the difference?
Person 2: Bisexual has a bad connotation behind it, and Demi-lesbian just sounds better like Demi-god.
by YourLocalHalfie August 08, 2013
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