1. n. A fictional creature from the Harry Potter series. Dementors guard the wizard prison Azkaban and suck all of the happiness from anything in their presence. Their worst weapon is called the dementor's kiss, which is when a dementor sucks a person's soul out through their mouth.

2. n. A person who kills a good moment or sucks all of the fun out of a situation.
1. "Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them."

2. Robert: Wow I hate going to parties with Erin, she's such a dementor.
Nathan: I know, all she does is stand in the corner and frown...
by Real World HP March 01, 2010
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Someone who is in the fringe of your group of friends who is tolerated because it would be a shame to tell them to Fuck off!
They also have some strange ability to turn even the funniest momements into akward ones and sap all happiness from those around.
Person 1 : Never invite jim to out for a drink

Person 2 : Why not

Person 1 : Cuz he's a fucking Dementor
by derek m is gay February 26, 2009
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Dude one: bro are you ok your acting like a dementor

Dude two: yeah I'm fine just stressed from quarantine
by Beansboii April 15, 2020
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1. A really really hot chick. She's so hot she's scary. It can also be a really really hot guy, but it mostly for women. This dementor makes something silvery come out of your wand.

You must be a dementor , because when I see you, something silvery comes out of my wand. I mean seriously, expecto patr-OH!!!
by Filius Flitwick January 27, 2007
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Woman's menstrual period. Goes along with Blast-ended Skrewts (cramps) and Azkaban (uterus).
It sucks.
"Hey Jenny, would you like to go swimming?"
"Naw, I can't."
"Fuck yes."
by colourofjazzee May 02, 2009
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The most Ballin Drink you can make, Brass Monkey a 40 of Old English with Purple Drink, called the Dementor because it resembles "Dementor Piss" according to Jonny Haworth. WARNING: you will feel like you just got the kiss of death from a Dementor if you can conquer this beast.
Make one Grape Kool-Aid single, brass monkey a 40oz of Old English and there you go.

"yo son, that Dementor fucked my shit up"

"that Dementor makes me feel like a menace in South Central while drinkin juice in the hood"

"Smokin on dat Chronic drinkin Old English!"
by Young_Beezy February 19, 2009
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An apathetic person. If you stare for too long she/he will steal your soul.
Ana: what is a dementor?
Me: Just look at Margarida and you will figure it out
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by bichasjusticeiras November 06, 2020
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