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A school east of Austin TX where the line “young dumb and broke” fits the situation here. Many students here will tell you how ghetto this school is and wish to go somewhere else. On average there is a fight every week, people blazing it (not juuling) and other typical hood stuff. Their atletic programs also get destroyed by other schools and have yet to go to regional competition since 2013
At this school you will also see
1% Asian
10% Black
78% Hispanic (beaners)
1% white
Parents please just send your kids to other better preforming austin area high schools such as Akins, Bowie Anderson Austin high, Westlake or Lake travis
Hey look at girl over there, she is wearing a Del Valle High School shirt, did you hear what happened there? Its on the news!
by Faze Nasch September 17, 2018
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