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The time honored 'Definite Maybe' is used when RSVP'ing to parties and events. It has all the confidence and decision of 'Definite' coupled with the flakiness and ability to back out of a 'Maybe'. RSVPs: Going, Not Going, Definite Maybe.

Your friends know you'll show up to the shindig, you just want them to beg you to come so you feel wanted. You were planning on going the whole time, but that's not how you operate. No, not you. The surprise party started at 8pm, but you know better and show up at 10pm and surprise THEM with your presence. Now that's thinking ahead.

You're the life of the party... whether you're there or you're not. You're a Definite Maybe.
Rhett is a Definite Maybe for the party tonight. I definitely know he'll maybe be here. Classic Rhett.

Dude, don't make me beg. I know you want to go to the party, stop being such a Definite Maybe.

He didn't even show up for his own surprise party. A Definite Maybe through and through. What a legend.
by RobtheGreat December 31, 2013
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