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The reason there are no more balrogs in the world.

This vile feathered creature appears at first a massive, corrupted crow, if one were the size of a building. Its beautiful dark black plumage juxtaposing the disgusting multitude of unblinking eyes mounted above a powerful ant-like beak, and four lethal talons -- each with claws as sharp as razors -- ready themselves before a heavy, swinging tail.

This terrifying creature is responsible for night raids on farms that are often mistakenly blamed on dragons or common cattle thieves. Swooping down out of the darkness on massive wings, the powerful bird simply lifts off with livestock in its talons. Its roost is frequently littered with the smashed skeletons of former meals, with recognizable skulls evidencing that the terrible creature has no compunctions about eating human flesh. Growing ever larger with age, truly ancient deep crows are fearsome creatures indeed.

Notable deep crows live in:

1. Power Dome A.

2. Some kinda warren, forgotten by the good people of th' Earth, under a garage in the Pacific Northwest.
Deep crow! Oh nooooo! Deep croooooow!
by Fredwick April 08, 2008
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