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A fucking gay, chode choking, bring me the hairstraightener cover band. They often say they are straightedge, or metal, and go to polaris mall to start fights with people that would decimate them.

The band consist of:

Micheal Cooper: an HxC SxE wanna be twat waffle
Dan Simpson: an Oli Sykes transvestite who would suck Oli Sykes shaft at the drop of the hat just to get a taste of his babysauce.
Chris Cooper: The one random beard guy. Who's kinda nice when Michael isn't around.
Nathan Stewart: A little shit......fucker. Attached to michael coopers vaginal sector.

They lack a bass player because not only does musical mediocrity matter, but how pretty you can look while doing it.
Boy 1: Dude did you see that dude sucking that other dudes dick over there?
Boy 2: Death of an Era?

Boy 1: Wanna go see death of an era at the basement since they can't play anywhere else?
Boy 2: Why don't we watch gay porn instead, it's way more metal than DOAE.
by Columbus614740 July 27, 2010
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