A really nice boy who PMS's like a girl. He's cute, fun to be around, and will still love you at the end of the day if you do something stupid.
Brianna: Oh look! Here comes Telly Dean.
Cassy: ;) Hottt
by N. E. Bodie March 13, 2012
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The dean academy is a horrible place where monkey man lives and eats children for dinner
“Oh look it’s the dean academy

monkey mans house”
by I’m a weirdo March 7, 2021
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When you give a girl the long stroke and procees to bruise her cervix but she still comes back aggressively for more
Hey have you ever been plowed by cody before? Because i heard hes the dean of dicking?
by captainhook105 November 16, 2020
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A man whose manhood needs no proving.
Similar to The Dean One only supersized, The Dean One 2. A mythical net man with the ability to talk many women into marriage, giving up everything and moving across the country just by talking to them on the phone.
by maxwhitingfield March 9, 2009
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a synonym for "fritz"
Guy 1:Oh look at that guy, isn't his name 'Felix'?
Guy 2: Yeah, but we call him Fritz
Guy 1: Oh, you mean like 'Will Dean'!
Guy 2: Exactly!
by It's an otter September 21, 2020
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