A girl, commonly blonde, who engages in lude and promiscuous acts with other's men knowingly. Such action causes immense rage and violence in the offended girls. Sooner or later, the girl will be beaten beyond any recognition.
Shaquonda: Where's RayRay?
LaQuisha: I saw him hit the club wit that girl Jessica.
Shaquonda: What?! I'm bout to fuck that dead bitch up.
by guttaboi February 02, 2005
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Iconic phrase used by Morgan McMichaels upon entrance into drag race all-stars
MM: I look pretty good for a dead bitch
by No longer, friends May 11, 2020
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that fucker was a severe fuckup asshole drug addict rapist motherfucker

he was also a no talent motherfucker and a one hit wonder "SUPERFREAK" which MC Hamster ripped off and coincidentally was his only hit song too.
plus i'm sick of hearing that stupid fucking line
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A woman who complain about dead beat dude, but she have no skill set herself. She would probably be homeless if she did not have family, friends, or some type of fuck buddy type relationship.
Susan told Tummy she would not go out with him because he works for UPS, but she does not have a job, never went to college, and live with her ex boyfriend Johnny. She still sick his dick even though Johnny goes out with Jennifer. She is a dead beat bitch.
by RB42183 May 04, 2019
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1. A person who is passive-agrresive.

2. A woman (or man) who plays coy with you.

Bitch, may be substituted for girl, or woman, or cunt for that matter, pertaining to the severity of the situation at hand.
Sarah, was pretending she was innocent, with no motive to fuck us over. Instead of just being up front about it, she's has to be a fuckin' dead-cat-bitch, to make it look like she didn't know.

Don't let David fool ya, he's as cold as a dead cat cunt.
by Fontbone1 May 26, 2012
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Becoming limp while still inside a girl.

Look up: Flacid
Guy 1 - "I am dead in this bitch"
Guy 2 - "Damn she take off the paper bag?"
by Scottizzle May 17, 2006
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