A small frail man that suffers from micro penis, dances at a male strip club, and sucks on Katie’s dirty tampon’s
Look it’s Katie and -daz-, they make such a cute couple, I wonder if they still have treesums with LadyBonsy
by Blood fart July 10, 2022
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If you don't want to respond to a weird or discomforting question use this.
Daz card is used in a sitatuion like this
Micheal : Sarah how old is your mum
Srah: DAZ
by Plotting December 8, 2019
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Music Producer from Tennessee, that grauduated from college and also played college basketball.
daz goodman Rap and R&B
by jonny taylor January 12, 2009
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somebody who agrees with everything Daz Black says, furthermore defending him in comment section fights.
Well, if having a healthy mindset means Im a daz kitten, guess I'll be one.
by PureSimple August 26, 2022
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To get “daz wacked” Is to get absolutely mortal on frosty jacks, marijuana, MDMA and Mkat and try to feel up anyone in site.
Then proceed to let anyone in your house and have a massive drug fuelled sesh.
“I got absolutely Daz Wacked last night!”
by BigPdogondascene April 20, 2018
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That guy who is 20 and gets no bitches. Using his fisherman ability, he is able to only pull in catfishes accounts using his bunny filter
Nav - man do I love salad!

Norbit - did you say fisherman daz!
Nav - wait the guy who gets no bitches?

by Carrot pofter May 7, 2022
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