A deaf, anorexic, pussy who looks like a fish head on a stick
That faggit is such a Howie Dawson
by The big lad 1234554321 February 25, 2018
When your cat gets a little TOO intimate with you. i.e shoving their butt in your face.
“Dude my cat wont stop purring next to me while I masturbate! Its like a reverse shane dawson
by clownfolk May 27, 2022
An absolute cutie pie. Lovely all around. A true gem.
Dawson jay sure is incredible, what a kind soul.
by Peanutty February 11, 2021
The hottest girl you’ll ever meet, she’s great in bed and can move her hips like nobody’s business. If you meet dawson you better try to keep her.
I don’t want a regular bitch, I want a dawson Klein
by Pleasure in my pants January 1, 2018
the biggest slag going turns lesbian when had a drink and has a huge forehead
omg your turning into a bella dawson you silly girl
by katie fairfield April 10, 2022
Kyle is a dirty immy that 1 dipped Aimee Leigh when he’s in the process of this he screams like a dirty paki
Hey do u know that Kyle Dawson kid ? Ye the scruffy Steve head big nose cheesy dick quagmire looking piece of shit ! Ye he’s so cool
by Charlie Carroll May 6, 2018