Jazz music played with Bluegrass instruments, typically guitar, mandolin, sometimes banjo and flute.
Tony Rice and Peter Rowan played a bunch of Bluegrass tunes but they also played some dawg.
by Don Smith December 05, 2003
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a good friend or pal, someone that you would get to spot you when you lifts weights and feels your muscles while you do it and watch them convulge
Come here you little dawg.
by papa horno April 08, 2003
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Dumb-Ass White Girl

In wake of the recently coined "PAWG", it's only fitting if it'd share a counterpart.
John: My girl was twerkin' last night at my parents' family dinner.
Randall: LOL. She's such a DAWG.
by SD115 October 26, 2014
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The mascot for the Washington Huskies, spelled with a "W" because of its tie to the Washington "W" symbol.
by GrillMaster99 July 02, 2019
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