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David picked up a rock and smashed on his head and hit the kid about 17 times David said "your friends are next"the kid was dead. David went home covered in blood and parts of his guts.David walked in the house his mom said"how was your day honey"then she said"David why are you covered in blood"David look at his mom and smiled creepy like. He walked away and went to take a shower his walk in David squealed like a demon his closed the door. later that night David started listening to Pumped up kicks it was load she did not know how it got that load she went to Davids room and open the door in rage when she opened the David looked at his mom and smiled "David turn off that music David squealed it was so load. Blood started coming out of her ears all of her blood did she dead on the floor David went to sleep. David got up the next day and went to school. the school gant went up to him and pushed him David said "you should be working on farm as a slave" a kid from the gane said" fuck you white boy" they beat the living shit out of David but then David squealed one kid started bleeding out his ears.
by willin1234 YT January 23, 2018
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