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Panties worn by a girl on a "date", when it is anticipated that they may be inspected and removed prior to, or during, sexual activity. Date panties should be alluring without being extreme, and while ribbons, tempting openings and bows are certainly acceptable, date panties should not be adorned with slogans of any type. "Everyday" panties and 'big panties' should be avoided. Date panties must be clean and show no signs of obvious wear and tear or use. A man discovering an attractive pair of date panties on such an occasion will always remember that moment.

If the girl's date is Italian, he may ask to keep the date panties by asking, "Per favore, posso avere le tue mutandine come ricordo?" This is a fairly recent tradition among Italian men, but girls are generally advised to decline, certainly on early dates, because Italian men often assemble a collection of "memento panties" ("ricordo mutandine"), and display them at predominantly male family gatherings, and this practice should be discouraged before it spreads to other nationalities. In the event that date panties are given to the man who has removed them or won access to the cherished area beneath, girls are advised to tear one side to prevent them being given away on another occasion.
"Have a great time with Harry tonight!"
"We're just having dinner with some of his close friends, and he's invited me to stay, so I'll be wearing some very special date panties for sure."
"Don't let him spoil them!"
"I won't! They cost $295 at Journelle on East 17th and I may need them again!"
by Katie4eyes April 24, 2018
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