Keeping your erection for an extended period when you are involved in a gang bang in Amsterdam.
In Amsterdam he brought his A game to the orgy, he was like a Dutch dart
by Motherfluffer4040 February 20, 2018
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When a woman puts a toothpick in her mouth and blows it down the tube of a mans penis.
Man1:Are ya brave?
Man1:Have you been blow darted?
Man2:I'm brave but not THAT brave
Man1:Yout should try Blow Darting
by KinkyHornyLover69420 December 4, 2021
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Slang used by mostly by soldiers, pilots, and old men, to describe when a flying object hits the ground at a high speed
"if anyone hits the ground that fast it'll be dirt darting"
by ForJevers December 14, 2016
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Top darts - not related to cigarettes (see: darts) is a saying used for positive; people, objects, settings, features, environments etc. Exlusively used in positive context. Reported to have originated in 1980’s UK Television, it is now commonly used in remote to regional Australia.
“That Sheila I rooted last night was top darts!!”

“Roger, that quartetly sales report you filed was top darts”
by Davofromthelocal May 13, 2018
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Juul, Suorin, an ecig with nicotine salts.
“Yo is that a smart dart I see? Let me get a rip” - Sophomores in the school bathroom
by ggricksmith April 11, 2018
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