Originally derived from the Golden Globe award winning actor and musician Darren Criss, who is also super cool, this adjective is used to describe someone who undeniably talented and swaggy. Whilst sometimes uncommon, this adjective is mainly used as part of the harry potter and glee community, as it would be more well known here.
WOW! That guy just sang the entire sound track of cats whilst rocking a feather boa. They're so Darren(!
by TeacakeSloth February 04, 2021
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A person is who is Darren is terrible at a certain action at current time. By calling someone Darren, you are implying that they are shit cunt at what they are doing! Darren's take everything to heart and get shit from everybody. Darren's have a way to fuck up everything they do.
Missing a shot in nba is considered Darren. Making a terrible play or mistake is Darren. Ryan is Darren!
by Anonymous 12334567 September 25, 2017
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