(5th May 1972 - )
Former singer, songwriter and frontman of australian pop-rock duo Savage Garden. Famous songs include 'Truly Madly Deeply' 'I Want You' 'To The Moon And Back' 'I Knew I Loved You' and Crash & Burn'. Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones split officially a few years ago after more than 22 million album sales worldwide mainly due to Jones' relectuance to be in the spotlight.

Darren has gone on to record two solo albums: the poptastic and more succesful 'Spin' and the unbelievable critically acclaimed electronic and emotive 'The Tension And The Spark'.

Solo releases have included 'Insatiable' 'Strange Relationship' and 'Pop!ular'.
Hugely famous in his own right in Australia, ownly known as 'that guy from Savage Garden' everywhere else.
This natural blonde is often attracts attention for his dramatic changes in hairstyle and colour and the 'Is he? Isn't he?' question forever raised in gay and straight communities alike.
He has an amazing vocal range - noted for his falsetto, and is unusual in today's music scene as he really holds his own in live perfomance - often working with Willie Williams - stage designer for U2 amongst others.
Crazy Darren fan: "Did you know Darren Hayes is performing in Sydney Opera House this July?"

Accosted stranger on the street: "Who/What now?"

Crazy Darren fan: "Darren Hayes! The amazingly talented singer from Savage Garden!"

Accosted stranger: "Oh, that puff that's always changing his hair! Right...heard his new CD's pretty good actually"

by Lauren Byrne May 27, 2006
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A person with low moral values And a willingness to inconvenience others for personal gain!
He expected me to take him home everyday and I didn’t even get a thank you, Oh Darren!
by PRGC June 5, 2019
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Drinking an alcoholic beverage through a sock. A sock gets place over the cup with the drink in it and the person has to drink the whole drink then squeeze out any drink soaked into the sock. Usually a punishment with a used sock
At uni games, I had to do a Darren sockier
Darren sockier, Sockier, Darren sockier, na na na na na na na Darren sockier, sockier, Darren sockier
Macquarie uni is the birthplace of the Darren sockier
by Sockier September 10, 2016
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Basic:Darren is 26 years old and has been a member of the The Whitest Kids U'Know for almost 3 years. He grew up a military brat, living in numerous cities around the country and even Germany for 4 years. He started acting at the age of 9 and has been in more than 40 plays. In 1999, Darren left Texas to pursue the writing and directing of film in New York City. While working on an independent film he met Zach Cregger and was invited to a “Whitest Kids” show. Darren was immediately intrigued and was determined to be a part of the troupe.

Detailed: One of the nicest people in the world. Incredibly handsome, cute, and funny. Wears adorable glasses. He can always make you smile. The only other people in the world that share his breed of amazingness are Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger, also part of The Whitest Kids U'Know. He plays girls in the show more than any other member, and is the most convincing girl of any of them.
but not really.
"Who's that amazingly gorgeous guy over there?"
"That's Darren Trumeter."
by Darren's Future Wife. March 1, 2009
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When you believed an actor was gay because of the characters they play/played, but they are, in fact, straight
Natasha Lyonne is straight? Oh god, I've been Darren Criss'd
by fish6969 September 11, 2020
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The coolest trans at lths love vaping or doing anything to rebel. Lots of side pieces loves to get frisky no judging.PAP IS A CRAZY PARTIER
Example: Did you see Darren Peterson got ungrounded and already learned a new vape trick!!!
Definition: crazy partier who can’t get stoped.
by Killer Klown14 February 15, 2022
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Darren Shan is the author of the best-selling Darren Shan/Cirque du Freak novels about a young half-vampire.

The series ended in 2004, but is still published all over the world.

He is currently working on a new series entitled 'Lord Loss'.
Darren Shan is a young half-vampire trying to adapt to the ways of the night.
by Arashdeep May 3, 2005
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